Thursday, July 12, 2007

Download - Recent WOXY Lounge Acts

Speaking of internet radio... here are some recent WOXY Lounge Acts worth checking out:

Tacks, The Boy Disaster
Performed July 5, 2007

Track Listing:
Frozen Feet
Man With A Plan/Last Stand
- interview -
Dying To Know *new song
Queen Of The Fishermen

Download MP3 (28:27)

Hot IQs
Performed July 2, 2007

This trio from Denver, Colorado really gained our attention late last year when they released their "Dangling Modifier" EP. They've made quite a name for themselves on the Denver music scene and we've invited them to play our stage during the Monolith Music Festival later this fall out at Red Rocks.

They stopped into the Lounge after playing the popular Girls & Boys party here in town. During this session they played 2 tracks from the EP and also premiere 2 brand new tracks that will appear on their next full-length album.

Track Listing:
Duck & Cover
- interview -
3/4 Of A Ghost
Release The Hounds

Download MP3 (23:06) (Listened to this one live. Fantastic!)

Minus Story
Performed July 5, 2007

Track Listing:
Pretty In The Light
The Children's Army
- interview -
Beast At My Side
Misery Is A Ship

Download MP3 (29:27)

Reminder: Forget Cassettes are in the lounge tomorrow at 4:00PM for a happy hour set. And Mussels are in the lounge on the 27th at 1:00PM!!!


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