Monday, July 02, 2007

Mussels - WOXY Lounge Act (!!!!!)

Holy crap! It's actually going to happen! Mussels are traveling out to Cincy later this month for a Lounge Act. YES YES YES! Have you bought Little Voices yet??? What are you waiting for? / You are awesome! (Depending on your response) And Forget Cassettes are also going to be back in the WOXY lounge. The upcoming schedule is just getting better and better:

7/5 Minus Story 1:30pm
7/5 Tacks, The Boy Disaster 4:00pm
7/13 Forget Cassettes 4:00pm
7/20 Dirty On Purpose 1:30pm
7/25 Ra Ra Riot 4:00pm
7/27 Mussels 1:00pm
7/27 The Sharp Things 4:30pm
8/3 Wussy 3:00pm
8/17 The Rentals 12:30pm

Hot IQs are in the lounge today at 2PM. I missed Palomar's Lounge Act last week, but just downloaded it. Good stuff. And now I know why they were at KO!R5. I thought maybe it was just that they thought I was cool. Silly me. Via WOXY:

Performed June 27, 2007

This Brooklyn 4-piece band gave one of the very earliest performances in our Lounge back in 2004 when they were promoting "Palomar III."

Now, they have a new home with Misra Records and were out on the road touring their fourth full-length disc "All Things, Forests" when they stopped in for a return visit to our studios.

Track Listing:
Bury Me Closer
- interview -
Our Haunt
Stay Out Late

Download MP3 (18:26)


At 3/21/2008 11:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice shout-out by the band during their WOXY show.


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