Monday, July 02, 2007

Pool Party Post

So...yesterday's pool party completely rocked. Entering to the marching band sounds of What Cheer Brigade was surreal. The plentiful choices of Brooklyn beer was splendid (we stuck with the Summer Ale). People watching / dodgeball watching during Illinois was relaxing. Chicken sausage and pirogie consumption during Dengue Fever was delicious. And then Man Man proved fully and completely that they are a headliner. Not as awe-inspiring as their set at the Spiegeltent last summer, but just as high energy and face blasting. The crowd wasn't going crazy where we were standing, but it looked like a war zone just a few yards away. I can't wait to go back! Here's what's happening this Sunday:

This just in: Illinois will be playing at the next Friction on Sat Aug 18 w/ OFFICE and The Teeth. Just slightly more intimate.

Update: Looks like Illinois are out. But Bell are in!


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