Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Hot Rocks - Reminder - This Fri - July 20

Get pumped with a new Frauke song:

Canadian Girlfriend - mp3

Here's a review of the song via the USSR music magazine, Approved Entertainment for Soviet Comrade Listening, which was reprinted in the June 1973 issue of Rolling Stone:

Let's put it simply: Frauke's newly recorded song, "Canadian Girlfriend," is set to be a summer classic. It tells the tale of a glorious summer romance that happened on the beach…OR DOES IT?!? Maybe it's all just a lie fabricated by a nerdy, friendless loser, who's such a cad that even his own fantasy rejects him.

Let's take a deeper, in-depth look at this absolutely amazing song that has all the critics and kids and highly intelligent animals talking:

-giant crabs
-Arctic tundra
-Pop Rocks

Gustav Mahler and the Rolling Stones once sang, "It's over now, it's a summer romance, and it's through." So it seems to be the case for the narrator of this song. Except sadder still, the romance may have never even existed and he is no doubt in for a long life of existential self-doubt and habitual masturbation.

And yet for all the heartbreak and woe, Frauke – the mysterious band who hails from Brooklyn – has managed to create one of the most uplifting, and definitely one of the catchiest songs of the moment. Actually, that is an understatement, for it is perhaps the catchiest song in the history of all time forever infinite eternity .

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