Tuesday, July 31, 2007

'08 All-Star Logo

Very. Exciting.

Forget about any music related event. This is sure to be the hottest ticket in town next summer. Strings will be pulled all over the place.

Looks like the sox are getting Gagne. Meanwhile, subtract one Proctor and add another. Whoopty do. But I do not want to see any rash trades now that the farm system has a pulse agan. The Indians are tripping a little and the wild card is still within reach. Mid August will decide the Yanks October.

Could A-Rod just hit his 500th tonight so we can move on. This distraction needs to go away.

Also - Russo put his stamp of approval on The Bronx Is Burning and after a few episodes, I am still liking it too. And Chris has got a good point. Gagne to the sox is better than Gagne to the Indians.

Update: Well...the Yanks tied a franchise record for most homeruns in a game tonight (8), but no 500 for A-Rod.


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