Saturday, April 15, 2006

So I guess I'll give this a try...

Someone with as little computer savvyness (is that a word?) as me should not have a blog. I'm already confused. Oh well.

I'm not all that great at writing show reviews, so I probably won't do very much of that sort of thing. I will be using this mainly as a way of spreading the word about new shows and/or tours on the horizon.



At 4/16/2006 6:05 PM, Anonymous Ryan said...

Hi Chris. Allow me to devirginize your comment boards. If your first few posts include !!! and Nada Surf I'll be checking back here often. I also birthed a blog this weekend with very little web knowledge. Have fun with it and good luck.

At 4/16/2006 10:26 PM, Blogger Battering Room said...


Looks like yours is off to a good start too. Good year end list. Perhaps I'll post mine for 04 and 05.


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