Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Baseball News - Jeter, Clemens

Very happy to see that Jeter leads the AL All-Star voting with over 500,000 votes. Somewhat makes up for the disgrace that was Jeter not being invited to the All-star game last year.

Never been a big fan of Clemens. Today, he came out of retirement once again and signed with the Houston Astros. Can the Astros have another incredible run to the playoffs again this year? Doubt it.

Melky Cabrera is the new Robinson Cano (who, btw, leads the voting for AL Second Base). He's not the typical Yankee power outfielder, but he is doing a hell of a job regardless. I hope he keeps it up, now that it looks like Sheffield is going back on the DL.

One thing that always ticks me off is when Yankee haters say that the Yankees have no farm system. Then how do you explain Wang, Cano, Cabrera, and Philips (who has also been impressive), not to mention Jeter, Williams, Posada, and Rivera.

Yankees moved into a tie with Boston with their win last night. Considering all the injuries, I'm pleased with the way the team is playing right now. Even Johnson looked good in his last start.


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