Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Shins - New Website

I like it.

Also, some news:

Long time no see! First of all, from all of us in the band, a sincere and very overdue "THANK YOU ALL!!!". You are definitely the most patient and loyal fans that any band has ever been granted. Its not just anyone that can get away with a three year wait between second and third albums, Trust us when we say we know how lucky we are because of you all. Once more-thank you for your patience.

A few things.

Big thanks to James Hall, the new Svengali of shins.com. He's a spunky little monkey that is seriously getting the job done. (And no, its not just cause he's an Albuquerque boy like we are. He's got book smarts too!)

A BIG TIME apology going out to everyone that bought tickets to Reading/Leeds to see us. No excuse could make up for this disappointment on both of our ends. We were so psyched to play this show at this legendary festival, but it came down to a rushed performance agreement conflicting with a major, and un-move able recording time period. We had to opt for the move that would get this record out on time. To our UK fans, we'll make up for this as soon as possible.

Speaking of the record, it gives us great pleasure to say that it is just weeks from being done! We can't leak any details, but we have never been more happy with anything that we've ever recorded before. And we can definitely say that it is due to the fact that we've been given so much time to perfect it. The record is the best we've ever done. We hope that you will agree. Stay tuned to shins.com for updates!

We'll be playing shows everywhere from San Diego to Williamsburg these next couple of months (yeah-most of these are festivals, sorry) but we predict a normal US tour of regular venues occurring this Fall. We hope to see you then. We've missed you very much.

love, the shins.

So, a Fall tour and almost finished with LP #3. Got it. And if the new website is too fancy for you, don't forget about their Myspace.


The Shins - McCarren Park Pool


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