Saturday, August 19, 2006

Some Thoughts From Today's Yankees Games

-Thanx Jonny.
-Abreu continues to shine in pinstripes.
-When are fools gonna learn to stop testing Melky's arm. And I love how almost every one of his 40 RBIs seem to have come in big-time clutch situations.
-Ponson is garbage. Kind of like the sox's bullpen.
-Is it asking too much to just occasionally pitch inside to Ramirez and Ortiz.
-I love hearing the "overrated" chant as Jeter hits a game winning single.
-Longest game in MLB history is the second game of a double header.
-Yanks back up 3 plus a 1/2 and on the way to a _ _ _ _ _.

Lets see if we can put Beckett a little closer to the top of the "most homeruns hit against a Boston pitcher in a season" list.


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