Friday, December 15, 2006

Bad Veins - Download WOXY Lounge Act

I had heard mixed reviews of Bad Veins' recent NYC shows, so I made sure that I didn't miss their WOXY lounge act earlier today so that I could hear for myself. And I gotta tell ya, I thought they sounded great. Maybe it was the performance aspect of their shows that turned some (few) people off, because I can't see how they could have been disappointed with their music. Anyway, the super quick WOXY folk have the mp3 up already, so go download it:

Bad Veins
Performed December 15, 2006

Track Listing:
The Lie
Falling Tide
Fake Baby
You Kill

Here's the mp3

After playing, the guys stuck around forever and guest dj'ed. Turns out their taste in music is fantastic as well.

No NYC dates coming up, hopefully that changes soon. Here's their Myspace.


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