Thursday, April 26, 2007

Pianos - Wed May 2

The Aeroplane Pageant Pianos residency related flyers are all the rage right now. Here's another one:

This flyer is also one.

These shows are shaping up to be quite excellent. Here's what we know so far:

Wed May 2 - Aeroplane Pageant, Big Bang TV, Mussels, A Nothern Chorus
Wed May 9 - Aeroplane Pageant, Bridges and Powerlines, Champ: The Rock Show
Wed May 16 - Aeroplane Pageant

FYI - Jeff of Aeroplane Pageant and Slowlands is also involved in Champ: the Rock Show, which I am very much looking forward to checking out. Here's the description of the project from their Myspace:

CHAMP is a musical/theatrical tribute to the inter-dimensional love story that is at the core of all future mythology. It's a mix of science fiction, visual fancy and foot-stomping music. We've got a dance troupe, a projection wizard and Champollion, the future's most infamous pit band.


In addition to their show with the Pageant on May 9, they will also be at Knitting Factory on Thurs May 24.


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