Thursday, May 03, 2007

Sound Fix Instores - May '07

As BV reported, The Mountain Goats will be the first FREE instore of 2007 at the new and improved Sound Fix cafe/lounge. Originally, Deerhunter were going to kick things off, but that instore was cancelled. I'm very much looking forward to checking out the new cafe and here is what is on the calendar so far:

Fri May 11 9:00PM

The Mountain Goats

After three long months of renovation, the cafe is finally set to reopen, and we're going to inaugurate this special event with an in-store featuring the Mountain Goats! John Darnielle, one of our very finest songwriters in indie rock today, will be performing a solo set, just as he did three years ago when we opened Sound Fix. It'll be an amazing show and a big party and you'll get to see our brand new cafe - don't miss it.

Thurs May 17 4:00PM

Frog Eyes

On the heels of their great new album on Absolutely Kosher, Canada's brilliant Frog Eyes will make their long-awaited debut at Sound Fix. With the recent success of Wolf Eyes, Swan Lake and Sunset Rubdown (bands featuring members of Frog Eyes), this Vancouver quartet has garnered new fans in recent years. Now you can see for yourself the bizarre, haunting and powerful musical vision of Carey Mercer. Picture the twisted carnival atmospherics of Tom Waits and the heated punk of early Nick Cave and you get a small sense of what Frog Eyes are all about!

(New Frog Eyes gets a 8.5 @ Pfork today)


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