Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Download - The A-Sides - WOXY Lounge Act

This lounge act was my first encounter with The A-Sides and they left a very nice first impression. Via WOXY:

The A-Sides
Performed June 21, 2007

Let's us introduce Philly rockers The A-Sides to you. We were sent an advance copy of their upcoming 2nd album and quickly went into action to get them into the studio. They were going to be passing through town on their way to Chicago and we thought that a Lounge Act session was a great way to give you an early listen to a band that we think are on their way to a very successful year.

They worked on the "Silver Storms" cd before getting signed to Vagrant, who will be releasing the album on August 28th. In this session you'll hear the band debut 4 of their new songs live in the Lounge.

Track Listing:
My Heroes Have Always Been Crazy
Amazing Grace
- interview -
We're The Trees

Download MP3 (36:27)

Updated WOXY Lounge Act schedule:

6/27 Palomar 3:00pm
7/2 Hot IQs 2:00pm
7/5 Tacks, The Boy Disaster 4:00pm
7/20 Dirty On Purpose 1:30pm
7/25 Ra Ra Riot 4:00pm
7/27 The Sharp Things 4:30pm
8/3 Wussy 3:00pm
8/17 The Rentals 12:30pm

BUT....none of these will happen if everyone that enjoys WOXY and their lounge acts do not help Save Net Radio. I've signed the petition and emailed my representatives, have you??? WOXY and pretty much every other internet radio station are silent today in protest and it sucks. We cannot let greedy, ignorant bureaucrats kill internet radio. Please do your part.


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