Thursday, August 02, 2007

The Party Faithful - R.I.P. Lolita Bras


Hey People –

No mincing of words: we are changing the name by which you’ve known us. Mohammed Ali did it - why not us?

Like most meaningful changes, this one was bourn out of adversity. Delays, difficult lineup changes, and a general malaise plagued the band in much of 2006 and early 2007. In fact, they nearly broke us up! But starting with our emergence as a trio back in March of this year, a sense that a real sea change was afoot began to creep in. This feeling persisted through the spring and into an incredibly productive and happy summer, which we’ve spent in the studio writing and recording. The new songs feel different – brighter, more energetic, less brooding – an honest reflection of who we are now. Barring catastrophe, a new release should be coming out in September or October, and we’ll have a slew of shows, starting August 10 at Club Midway (NYC).

We’ve decided to celebrate this newness and optimism by making a symbolic break with the past. “Lolita Bras” is dead. Long live The Party Faithful!

Patrick, Paul & Erica

The band's first show as The Party Faithful is next Friday at Midway:

Update: Here's a link to their website and the correct link to their Myspace, where you can go to listen to three new songs, some or all (?) of which will appear on their upcoming EP.



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