Wednesday, September 05, 2007

"Right now, the Yankees are in the playoffs"

Even though it wasn't as exciting as it could have potentially been, it was pretty great to watch the Yankees complete the sweep of the sox at the stadium last Thursday. I was sitting way up in the right field upper deck, which, if you have been to a few Yankees/sox games you know, is where all the sox fans who come down from Boston sit. The Ramirez, Ortiz, and Damon(wtf???) jersey wearers were all very quiet. And even though they had a 5 game cushion, the nervousness was palpable. And the nervousness was not re: the division, but more about possibly facing the Yankees in the playoffs. Go Cleveland! Get that better record than the Angels. It's been nice being able to say "Right now, the Yankees are in the playoffs" the past few days.

And another thing about those terrible seats (well, actually, no Yankees/sox seats are "terrible") last Thursday - at least we had a decent view of the new stadium, which is coming together fast. It looks like the entire framework is in place. Here's a pic:

The seats we had for the recent Jets/Vikings preseason game were much better:

Last night's Yankee game was a fun one too. Bring on the September call ups! In the 8th, I think that every Mariner on the field was a call up. 4 players had their first major league at bat last night: Wladimir Balentien, Rob Johnson, and Jeff Clement for Seattle and Alberto González for the Yankees.

BTW - for all of you also watching YES on Cablevision - are you as sick as I am of those god damn Verizon FIOS commercials with that demonic little kid? I feel like a little part of me dies inside everytime I see them. Gack.

So tonight would be a good time for Hughes to earn his pinstripes. I want that nice, comfy three game lead over Seattle. Go squirrel!

One more thing - The Nittany Lions started off their '07 season with a good win this past weekend and moved up a little bit in the rankings. Love to see it. Shame about that other Big Ten team's loss this past weekend. You hate to see that. :p Penn State's game against the Fighting Irish this weekend should be a good one. Looking forward to it. WE ARE....

Update: Forgot to mention all of the cool shirts I have seen recently, one of my favorites being "Joba the Hutt" on the front and " a bullpen far, far away" on the back. Also saw a guy wearing a Duncan shirt. I couldn't even believe that they were making those yet. I need to get me one, especially after that nice throw that Shelley just made, getting Ibanez at second.


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