Monday, October 06, 2008

Such a wuss

I really am. Tried to get up the nerve to yell out something witty @ Webster Hall last night, but I chickened out. I was thinking about going with "George Lucas" or "Indiana Jones". But no. Everybody else was doing it, so why not me? And there were plenty of opportunities to. Oh well.

Anyway, GREAT show last night. I have been listening to Fleet Foxes' Ragged Wood over and over and over and last night lived up to the hype. Great sound, except for during one of the songs where he played solo that the sound dude seemed to fall asleep. Cringe worthy. Was also VERY NICE to not have pounding house coming up from underneath for once. I would very much like to see these guys again soon, but I would GIVE ANYTHING to see Crystal Skulls again. Seriously guys. It's time to come back to NYC.

Yes, I stole the photo above from BV.


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