Saturday, January 03, 2009

Merriweather Post Pavilion = Best Album of 2009(?)

On Twitter earlier today, slightly edited:

Just pressed play on first listen of Merriweather about 4 hours ago

Two songs in and this already sounds way more like Person Pitch than any of the AC albums. about 3 hours ago

Glad I have not read any reviews yet, just rumblings about it being album of 09. about 3 hours ago

I can already tell that this album is going to be hard to top, kind of how I felt upon first listen of last LCD. about 3 hours ago

This is obviously the most accessible album AC have made to date. about 3 hours ago

Summertime Clothes! I remember this song from APW. Best song so far. Have they picked a single yet? about 3 hours ago

It's weird listening to an AC album with such audible lyrics and structure (sort of). about 3 hours ago

These songs would be great for movie soundtracks. Especially a Richard Kelly flick. about 3 hours ago

Bluish is outstanding, but it's hard to pick early favorites, because every song is better than the last. about 3 hours ago

No More Runnin' is the most older AC sounding song so far. about 3 hours ago

As accessible as this album is, it still feels nowhere near mainstream. People that hate AC will probably still hate this album. about 3 hours ago

Boppin around to Brothersport. Most fun song on album. about 3 hours ago

Done. wow. Best album I've heard in a while. Going straight into second listen. about 3 hours ago

Well just like with LCD in 07, the bar has been set very high. And also like 07, will Radiohead top this? about 3 hours ago

I've since listened to the album another 3 times.


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