Saturday, May 12, 2007

Mr. Beery's - Fri May 11 - Rock Extravaganza

Long Island, Pittsburgh, and Burlington all brought the rock to Mr. Beery's last night. The three best sets I've heard from Aeroplane Pageant, Beat Radio, and Life In Bed to date and a gold star for being Super Awesome to The Hero Cycle, who I witnessed for the first time last night. I've said plenty about the first three bands, so I'm going to focus in on the brillance of The Hero Cycle.

Was all sorts of pumped up for their set after listening to their EP on repeat all day yesterday. Felt slightly bad for them having to go on first last night, but it didn't seem to fade them in the least. The road may have been rough on these guys, but the experience seems to have paid off, because they guys sounded like veterans. I was expecting some Broken Social Scene groovyness and that's exactly what I got. From all seven of them. Not since The Most Serene Republic have I encountered a band that has taken cues for BSS so well. The band played every song off of the Lakes and Ponds EP (front runner for EP of the year) and a couple new ones that fit in seemlessly with the old. The dual keys blending together with multi-vocal interplay and some sharp as a pinpoint riffs from the lead kept all in attendance transfixed.

Beery's has been good to me, what with seeing Aeroplane Pageant and Mussels for the first time there and now The Hero Cycle.

More on this show soon, but for now, here are some pics of all four bands:

The Hero Cycle

Aeroplane Pageant

Life In Bed

Beat Radio


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