Monday, May 07, 2007

Life In Bed - Shows, Passed And Presents

You may notice an overlap on one of these flyers. That's right. Beery's. This Fri May 11. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Life In Bed, The Hero Cycle, AND Beat Radio. Also His Mighty Robot (not familiar with them). As always, $5 at the door and they usually have some sort of fly drink specials. Beery's website says that the mighty Aeroplane Pageant will also be there, but I was told a couple of weeks ago that they were not. I'm trying to find out more, stay tuned.

I also recommend checking them at Union Hall this Wed May 9, if you can't make it out to Beery's on Friday, because they are playing with another band that I have just gotten into recently - Taxi Taxi. $7 at the door. Also with The Ne'er Do Evers.

At these shows you can pick up Life In Bed's new album Passed And Presents. I think that fans of Benzos will like this album a lot, because it has a similar feel and sound. I really like the album, especially the excellent instrumentation, which is rock solid. My only beef with the album is the recording of the vocals, which sound slightly hollow and muffled. This is no diss on the band, but maybe is a diss on the engineer. I wish that the vocals were louder and crisper. But otherwise the album is great and I'm very much looking forward to hearing the songs live.


UPDATE: I've just been informed that Aeroplane Pageant WILL be playing at Beery's this Friday. Holy Crap SUPER LINEUP.


Although, this is only 99% confirmed. Stay tuned. Don't forget AP have the 2nd show of their Pianos residency this Wednesday. And they just threw up another two Wave To The Moon songs on their Myspace, "New Parade" and "Wherever September".


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