Monday, July 31, 2006

Bound Stems - Appreciation Night, Back To NYC

I didn't get my hands on The Logic of Building the Body Plan EP until 2006. Therefore, even though it was released at the very end of 2005, I consider it one of my favorite EP's of 2006. My love for this EP has been increasingly fueling my anticipation for Bound Stems' full length debut, Appreciation Night. So you can only imagine how psyched I was when I received an email with 3 mp3s of songs from the new album. These songs are fantastic and sound like a strong movement forward from the EP. Download them and listen for yourself. Here are the links:

Western Biographic
Refuse the Refuse

The album is set to be released Sept 19 on Flameshovel Records, one of my favorite labels.

Bound Stems were here earlier this month for a show at Mercury Lounge. They are coming back to NYC for another show at Mercury Lounge on Wed Aug 30.


Twofers - RCSTA


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