Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Cake Shop - Sat Sept 9

More info via anonymous (why? band member?) commentor:

This show is The Victoria Lucas record release show for their new album, "Hit the Ground Running Fast". The calendar listing on Cake Shop is not totally correct, so here's the real info:

Sat, Sept 9
12am Oxford Collapse
11pm The Victoria Lucas
10pm Centipede D'Este (from Pittsburgh)
9pm The Skinks (from Pittsburgh)
8pm Christy & Emily

Also, free food, free paintings by Steve Keene w/ admission (while they last!), and free 7" singles w/ purchase of new album.

The VL booked the whole show, everyone's friends, so things should flow much more smoothly than a regular 5 band bill.


Free paintings? That's a first.


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