Thursday, August 10, 2006

Oxford Collapse - Cake Shop, New Album

First time I saw Oxford Collapse they were opening for Constantines at Mercury Lounge. I didn't really know what to make of them. Maybe they were thrashed or something, cause they seemed sloppy, but perhaps intentionally??? I dunno. As I've previously mentioned, the last time I saw them was opening for We Are Scientists at Maxwell's. I enjoyed the hell out of them this time around. The songs were tighter and more fun, the energy was more focused, and basically it just sounded great. This was the same night that WAS ended up playing so hard that they set a speaker on fire and the venue had to be evacuated. Awesome. Anyways, they have a new album coming out:

Check it out! We spent 10 whirlwind days at Headgear Studios in Brooklyn with the bubbly and competent John Agnello, and the record is DONE. It’s set for an October 10th release on Sub Pop CD and LP and it’s called Remember the Night Parties. 11 songs, all brand new!

And a new NYC date at Cake Shop via OMR:

Sat 9/09 8:00 PM Cake Shop
The Victoria Lucas, Christy & Emily,
Oxford Collapse, Centipede D'Est

Now that they are getting back to playing live, look for them to be playing every other day at every venue in NYC.

Speaking of Contantines, watch their new video for Working Full-time at Sub Pop.


At 8/14/2006 6:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This show is the Victoria Lucas record release show for their new album, "Hit the Ground Running Fast". The calendar listing on Cake Shop is not totally correct, so here's the real info:

Sat, Sept 9
12am Oxford Collaps
11pm The Victoria Lucas
10pm Centipede D'Este (from Pittsburgh)
9pm The Skinks (from Pittsburgh)
8pm Christy & Emily

Also, free food, free paintings by Steve Keene w/ admission (while they last!), and free 7" singles w/ purchase of new album.
The VL booked the whole show, everyone's friends, so things should flow much more smoothly than a regular 5 band bill.


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