Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Forget Cassettes - WOXY Lounge Act

Forget Cassettes are returning to the WOXY lounge on Fri Aug 18 at 3:00PM for one of the station's infamous "Happy Hour" sessions. The date isn't on WOXY's website yet, but it is on the bands, who's last WOXY Lounge Act was epic and was comprised entirely of songs that they were working on for their new album, Salt. Download or stream their last lounge act here.

Speaking of Salt, another new track for the album has been posted to their Myspace and their website. "Lonely Does It" is vintage FC and is just as good as the first single off of Salt, "The Catch". Based on these two songs alone, I have a feeling that this album will be contending for a spot in the top ten of my Best Albums of 2006 list. The album is available for preorder here. Or you can just wait until it is instores a week from now, Tues Aug 8th.


Forget Cassettes - Pianos & Union Pool
Twofers - RCSTA


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