Saturday, November 25, 2006

Hundred Reasons, Related Ramblings...

A very cool, random moment at the KNOCKOUT! show was when the sound guy put on one of my favorite albums, Hundred Reasons' Ideas Above Our Station, in between sets. It was similar to when the sound guy at White Rabbit put on Morning Stanzas in between sets at The Gothamist House during CMJ. But getting back to Hundred Reasons, I kind of lost interest in the band after IAOS, but have been looking out for the band to come to NYC. Apparently they have only been to the US once for a SXSW show in 2003, but have toured extensively in Europe and have had multiple trips to Japan. They just recently announced dates for a Jan '07 tour and still no US.

Almost 400 shows and only been to the US once? Anyone know why?

Speaking of KNOCKOUT! - you may have noticed that another date is now listed on Matchless' calendar. Save the date - January 13th. However, this show is NOT going to be a KNOCKOUT! show. Instead, it is going to be something else TBA, and is being co-promoted by Pat of Pop Tarts Suck Toasted. We are picking two bands each. If you do some investigative work you can figure out who one of my bands is, if you really care. Otherwise, an announcement is coming soon and you'll find out then.

Oh - and KNOCKOUT! Round 2 is also coming soon. ROCK!

Reminder - Pat's 26th B-day party/show is TONIGHT. Happy B-day Pat!


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