Monday, December 18, 2006

Sparta, mewithoutYou, Aloha - Tour

Sparta, me without you, and....Aloha? Hmmmmm.

Sparta (Myspace) - My interst in this band is a bi-product of my love of all things At The Drive-In. LOVE Wiretap Scars. Might be a desert island disc for me. Hell, when I got the email announcing this tour, I was wearing my Wiretaps Scars t-shirt. I also liked Porcelain, but not as much as Wiretap Scars. Haven't checked out Threes yet, probably because I was turned off by the marketing campain leading up to it. Regardless, I have seen the band live twice and they were excellent both times. Definitely wouldn't mind seeing them again. Especially at one of my favorite venues.

mewithoutYou - Don't know anything about this band, but after watching the videos at their Myspace, in particular the video of them acoustic at Vintage Vinyl*, it's pretty clear to me that this band could be worth seeing.

Aloha (Myspace) - I love this band. They are absolutely captivating live. Some Echoes is a great album, but Here Comes Everyone is where it's at for me. However, they are the curve ball of this lineup. I wonder what the more mainstream Sparta fans are going to think when they encounter this band.

We'll have to wait until the tour hits Warsaw on Sun Mar 11 to find out.

* - A truely ace record store in Jersey. I can't believe that this is the first time I have mention the store here.


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