Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Earlimart - Album News

Some news from Earlimart, via their Myspace:

got some things cookin' for ya...... there are a couple of shows coming up at the beginning of March please see below that we're pretty damn excited about. it'll be a sort of unveiling of songs from our new record mentor tormentor.
a S.F. date with the fine rock and roll outfits CLINIC and SEA WOLF.
and in L.A., a very special "evening with" kinda thingy at The Getty
and yes.....we'll play some old songs too

the record still doesn't have an official release date, but i can assure you that it's coming soon...... promise.

ummmm..... so yeah we're all pretty busy..... ari has been making art for the album, we've been learning the new songs, making movies, making coffee.
and ummmmm
oh and joel graves wants to say hi to everyone.
hi to everyone!
ok. take care.

You can listen to two Mentor Tormentor songs, "Nevermind The Phonecalls" and "Don't Think About Me", at their Myspace. Here's the details on those two shows, for my loyal Cali readers:

March 3rd
Noise pop!
The Independent
San Francisco, CA.

March 9th
The Getty
Los Angeles, CA.
Tickets are FREE with RSVP
these tix will be released Feb. 22nd at this # 310.440.7300


Earlimart News


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