Monday, June 11, 2007

History At Our Disposal

Man....I miss cassettes. They were cool. Oh well.

Those of you out there that like some of the more unusual music that I recommend will probably like this. Then again, if you do fall into that category, you probably already know about History At Our Disposal. Here's some PR:

History At Our Disposal is one person, Jason Reimer, from Denton, TX and he his new album is called Symbols In the Architecture on Creative Capitalism. If you're remotely into any of the bands listed below you might want to give Jason's music a shot.

Jason used to play in the Baptist Generals (formerly on Sub Pop) and when he started HaoD several years ago his live show began to garner a reputation for being unpredictable, hinting at bands like Can, Fugazi and Amon Duul. Soon after HaoD was performing with such groups as the 90 Day Men, Daniel Johnston, Paper Chase and American Analog Set. Symbols is the followup to debut LP Novella, and it takes notes from This Heat, Brian Eno, Charles Mingus and Tom Waits, with lyrics embodying mostly Orwellian themes.

Jason has scored a lot of film soundtracks and it shows on this record. He combed through hundreds of hours of mini disc recordings, four track tapes and micro cassette ideas attempting to piece together a cohesive and cinematic selection of music. It's like a Tape Op dream.

Give the songs at their Myspace a listen, or download these:

Letter From the Bottom of the Sea
Nature of Orientation
To the Spoiler the Spoils

Wow. Two posts with mp3s in one day. I'm on a roll.


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