Monday, June 04, 2007

Spirit Marines

Band of the Day = Spirit Marines.

Been listening to the tracks on their Myspace all day and night, two of which are brand new demos that they just posted. Infectious stuff, gets in your head. And feet. More dynamite music from NYC's thriving dance/rock scene ala The Bloodsugars, Professor Murder, Up The Empire, etc. Lots of NYC shows coming up:

Jun 29 Galapagos (Crashin' In Party) w/ Ola Podrida, Clear Tigers, The Rowboats
Jul 2 Orchard Bar
Jul 9 Trash Bar w/ Except After Sea, Beautiful Trouble, Belafonte, and Bottle Up And Go (also very good)
Jul 14 Lit Lounge w/ Sweet Contender, Cue
Jul 20 Galapagos (Crashin' In Party) w/ The Huxtables, Snakes Say Hiss, Canada (great lineup)


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