Thursday, September 21, 2006

Some CMJ Findings

According to La Rocca's Myspace, the band is going to be at Pianos on Thur Nov 2 for a CMJ showcase. La Rocca are on Dangerbird. Silversun Pickups are also on Dangerbird. And they love Pianos. Hmmmm....

The Picture's Myspace has them at Pianos on Fri Nov 3 for a showcase. French Kiss are also having a showcase at Pianos on the 3rd.

Pat pointed out that Myspace are having a CMJ showcase at Sin-e on Tues Oct 31. No bands are listed yet. Pat also likes to exaggerate. And send me funny emails.

That is all.

BTW - Not related to CMJ, but this is quite funny. Thanx Sean. Yanks = WSC'06


At 9/22/2006 4:44 AM, Anonymous Sean said...

If the Yankees when the World Series I'll put up a Yankee logo on A Reminder for a couple days.


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