Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Benzos Rave This Sat!!, Branches = Mastered

Via their Myspace:


This is a special announcement in the 13th hour...

We're playing this amazing underground warehouse, rave party this coming saturday.
Those who have seen Benzos before won't be getting the usual from us.
nope...this will be a special, one of a kind, live remix/ambient/dance set.

The info is as listed:

03/10/2007 10:00 PM - "The Rave" @ 3rd Ward
195 Morgan Ave
Brooklyn (East Williamsburg), New York
Cost: $9

Description: a warehouse rave featuring special guest DJ's from the UK and some secret bands and a special "live remixing/ambient/dance" set from your boys, Benzos.

venue site: www.3rdwardbrooklyn.org


The Morning After...MASTERING! + album news

So we've reached that milestone called "mastered record". That means it's done!
Thank god. This album process nearly killed us at times and at others made us rejoice and cry out "gratzie Yahweh!". Well, not really, but it sounded good.

Anyways, so now we're wrapping up our amazing artwork and having our website rebuilt and meeting and planning the global attack that "branches" will wage on all living souls.

We'll keep you posted as it goes.

Here's some lil tidbits for the upcoming:

- our lil movie, "the making of branches" will be posted on youtube and linked here on our myspace page very soon. It was editted by our little bro, michael cinelli, who's an up and coming film maker. it features previews of 3 new songs, footage of us recording and footage of us fucking around during downtime.

- new songs posted here on our myspace player.

- contests, giveaways, free food and apple juice.

- live concert footage posted on the intranet.

- and much more...

here's the tracklisting to our new cd, if y'all care:

1. sell this thing
2. phase 2
3. branches
4. portland
5. hard to feel
6. teach me
7. on your own
8. life
9. hurt everybody
10. crooked hands
11. translucent
12. pere

And a pic from their recent show at Glasslands:


Benzos - Album News, Glasslands Feb 22
Benzos - CMJ Update, Branches


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