Monday, April 09, 2007

KNOCKOUT Round 3 - Thank You, Setlists, Videos

Thanx again to Matchless for being awesome and for getting better and better with every show, to Square Wave Punch, The Diggs, benzos, and Bridges and Powerlines, for completely blowing me away, to the DJs, for making me stop, mid conversation, on several occasions and say "Fuck, I love this song", to Bunkre, for another beautiful flyer, to everyone who told a friend to come or wrote about the show, to WOXY for sponsoring the show, and as always, most importantly, to everyone who came out, cheered so loud, yelled out requests, and put smiles on both mine and the band's collective faces.

Here are the setlists for each band with a quick video that I took of each. The room was dark and the sound was loud, so the clips aren't stellar, but enjoyable nonetheless.

Square Wave Punch - Alice

The Diggs - Stagg

benzos - Glass Souls

They also played "All The King's Men" as a bonus song/encore. It was the highlight of the show for me.

Bridges and Powerlines - Carmen

Pics coming soon. Next show is Fri April 27. And it's a BIG one. Announcement also coming soon.


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