Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Alternative Flyers...

...for shows happening tonight that I've already posted about.


As I mentioned, I've just recently started to get into Taxi Taxi. I love every one of the songs over at their Myspace. Kind of Spoon meets Peter, Bjorn, and John. Upbeat. Poppy. Catchy riffs. Great stuff. Stream the album here.


Nuh Uh is 3/4 of Takka Takka. And while Takka Takka (and The Hold Steady for that matter) have never really been my cup of tea (although, I should mention that I really do like the new song Takka Takka have posted on their Myspace), Nuh Uh totally is. Give 'em a listen over at their Myspace.

And here's one more. Well sorta.

Previously. And this one too.


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