Wednesday, June 13, 2007

KO!R5 - Sales Pitch

Some reasons you should come to Matchless on Friday:

- Peel's first NYC appearance.

Another band from Austin is playing at Webster Hall on Friday, after a few years of steady touring and shows at tiny venues around Brooklyn and the Lower East Side. Now Peel are coming to NYC for the first time and who knows, maybe they will be the next band to work their way up to Webster Hall and beyond. I for one think they will.

Listen to their WOXY SXSW lounge act.

Stream their amazing self-titled debut album.

- Charles Bissell

Of The Wrens. This sells itself. Pitchfork has news items about The Wrens even when there is no news. Charles' solo set at the White Rabbit was one of the best sets I saw during CMJ last year. And then there's this neat video:

Listen to The Wrens WOXY lounge act.

- In The Attic Of The Universe

Wrap your head around this -> One of the best albums you will hear this year. Download it for FREE here. This show will be the 2nd for the "now full band" The Antlers.

- Get to know Cinema, Cinema

A pattern has been developing at these Knockout shows and the shows I have done with Pop Tarts, where the opening band has upstaged the rest of the bands and impressed the shit out of the early birds. Get to Matchless early and watch as Cinema, Cinema keep this trend going.

Listen to a few songs here and here.

The details:

Fri June 15

The times:

8:30 - Cinema, Cinema / Myspace
9:30 - Charles Bissell / Myspace
10:30 - Peel / Myspace
11:30 - The Antlers / Myspace

Rachael and Pat will be djing in the bar.


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