Monday, June 18, 2007

KO!R5 - Thank You, Set Lists

Thanx to everyone who came out Friday night. I don't know about you, but I had a fuckin awesome time. Best show so far? Pretty darn close, I'd say. Thank you Peel, The Antlers, Charles Bissell, and Cinema, Cinema. You guys amazed. Thanx again to everyone at Matchless (ps. - the new garden looks SICK!). Thanx to everyone who helped get the word out, especially WOXY. Thanx to Rachael and Pat for coming, and not getting too mad at me, sorry again!

Set lists:

Cinema, Cinema (Thanx for the sweet cards!)


Charles Bissell

I hope that Charles doesn't mind me posting that and yes it does say 6/06 Maxwell's. Apparently it's the same set list that he has been using at all of his solo shows for the past year. I feel a little guilty having it. I did not steal it though, it was given to me. Thanx Sean (He didn't steal it either). The Antlers didn't have a set list because they just played In The Attic Of The Universe straight through (AWESOME). And another song off of Uprooted as a sort of encore. Can't. remember. name. Stupid beer. Peter said it was the first time he was playing it on an electric guitar.

Pics coming soon.

So this is probably going to be my last show for a while. Too much going on this summer. I'd rather you all just went to the free shows at the Seaport, Summerstage, Pool, Prospect, etc. However, I can tell you that I will be doing a 2nd Annual CMJ pre-party on Sat Oct 13. Should be a banger.


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