Sunday, April 16, 2006


First heard about Jeniferever on WOXY a while ago when the afternoon DJ Mike was giving You Only Move Twice a ton of airplay. Great song off of their solid Iris EP. I'm surprised that with all the attention other Swedish acts have been getting recently (Jose Gonzalez, Jenz Lekman) that these guys haven't also been getting love. Especially now that their new album, Choose a Bright Morning, is out there and is sooo good. Recently, this is the band that I have been telling everyone about and I seem to be making a new fan every time. You can listen to You Only Move Twice and two songs off of Choose a Bright Morning at their myspace page.

So these guys just announced another tour and once again it's all Europe. I went ahead and emailed the band, asking if they have any plans to come over to the US, and I got the following response:

hi there. happy to hear that you like the album. no us tour planned at the moment but hopefully we'll come over within not a too distant future, maybe next spring or so. it all depends on when we have an american label decided for licensing the album there etc.

take care
/kristofer, jeniferever

Well then, kind of a bummer. Maybe next spring???? That sucks. Someone from a US label needs to get in touch with these guys - soon.


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