Wednesday, May 03, 2006


The new The Dears song at their Myspace is fun. Looking forward to their new album, Gang of Losers.

What if Sufjan Stevens and Destroyer were the headliners for Siren 06? Is there any chance that We Are Scientists won't be at Siren this year? If I was able to pick one (realistic) band to play Siren it would be Crystal Skulls.

I'm going to see Radiohead both nights in Montreal and both NYC. That alone is enough to make my year. Finding out that The Black Keys will be opening for those shows more than makes up for Low replacing Supergrass at MSG in '03. I am way too excited.

I wanna go over to see David Blaine die.

Good to see the Yankees finally win a close game, even if it was only the Devil Rays.


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