Saturday, August 05, 2006

Dave Matthews Band - Greatest Hits Help

Dave Matthews Band are looking for help in putting together a Greatest Hits album.

Dave Matthews Band will be releasing a Greatest Hits record in the near future in order to fulfill an obligation to their label, RCA Records. In order to shape the Greatest Hits combination of studio/live songs into the best possible release, DMB would like to gather feedback from its dedicated fan base. We have created a survey where you may select up to 10 of your favorite DMB songs. You may also include a show date next to the song choice if you have a favorite from a live show. Please click here to fill out the survey. We look forward to receiving your top ten favorite songs and thank you for your time and valuable feedback!

Maybe the Pearl Jam and Oasis Greatest Hits albums would have turned out better if they did something like this. Seriously, no Indifference or Live Forever?!?!?!


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