Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Icy Demons - New Album - Miami Ice

Just noticed this posting over at their Myspace:

Yeah !
New New Icy Demons record "MIAMI ICE" almost done.....
Bright Brilliant Sunshine Music
7 songs, maybe 8....
Rad guest Chicago All Stars.....
Who's gonna put it out?
Who the hell knows..........
Coming soon regardless.......

I figured that with Man Man doing shows, and Icy Demons having just wrapped up a little tour, that their wouldn't be much news from this band for a while. Glad I was wrong. I want to see this band again real bad. Their show at Glasslands a month ago was intense. Definitely a fav of 2006. Glasslands is quickly becoming my favorite Brooklyn venue that is a polar opposite of my other favorite - Union Hall. Looking forward to that Oxford Collapse show.


Icy Demons


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