Thursday, January 25, 2007

Scott Sounds Off - Ten Speed Racer

Well he's not really sounding off this time, but anyway:

For a few years now I have been haunted by a single track that only seems to show up on random once every six months or so: "Don't Go Out" by Ten Speed Racer.

The band came strongly recommended by another Irish band, Orphan Code (formerly Nero), but here in the States I've found it very hard to find anything by them or about them. After some late-night googling I stumbled on this song and it stopped me in my tracks. An acoustic b-side version of a song that feels like I've known my whole life.

So on this semi-annual resurgence of the song I decided to do a little more searching and finally came across these 4 freebies (sadly, not "Don't Go Out"). Enjoy:

Ballad of a Greedy Man
Angel Headed Hipster
Sidewalk Monkey Typhoid

I couldn't find a website or Myspace for this band. This is all I could find. Anyone have any more info?


Scott Sounds Off - The State


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