Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Permanent Records Greenpoint - Open For Biz

Forgot to mention this in this post. I also got the following email this weekend from my friend Marjorie of Permanent Records:

Hi Friends

That's right - Permanent Records is open (again)! Doors swung wide on May 23rd and so far the response has been DIGALICIOUS! If you get the chance and you find yourself in glorious Greenpoint, come on down and check out the new space. We like it.

Look forward to seeing you.


Make sure all you Brooklynites stop by and say hi and make my friends feel at home (if you haven't already). I'm told that she may try to have some instores there soon too. Stay tuned.


Permanent Records Greenpoint
Permanent Records - Moving To Greenpoint
Permanent Records - Best of 2006
Permanent Records


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