Monday, September 24, 2007

What The F@&k Is Fred Savage Doing In Here?

Thanx again to Steve for the heads up.

Danny DeVito & The Contract

Also thanx to Steve for reminding me about The National's WOXY lounge act:

The National
Performed September 24, 2007

Hometown boys The National have been touring pretty much nonstop since the release of "Boxer" earlier this Spring. When they hit town over the weekend for a performance at the Madison Theatre, we got Matt and Aaron to drop by for a stripped down set.

In the interview, Shiv talks to the guys about their travels and the process of recording the new album. You'll hear 2 songs from "Boxer" in the performance as well as a b-side that originally surfaced on the "Lit Up" single.

Track Listing:
Apartment Story
You've Done It Again, Virginia
Mistaken For Strangers
- interview -

Download MP3

The lounge is warming up again. Very much looking forward to hearing Superdrag and The Mugs play live in the lounge. Here's what's coming up:

9/27 The Teenage Prayers 4:00pm
9/28 Superdrag 12:00pm
10/15 Coyote Bones 1:00pm
10/15 Love Like Fire 3:00pm
10/30 Arizona 3:30pm
11/6 Oppenheimer 4:00pm
11/13 The Mugs 2:00pm


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