Tuesday, April 01, 2008

No. This is not an April Fools trick.

I'm actually posting.


This one is no longer going down at Market Hotel. Bummer. I was kind of looking forward to catching a show there for the first time. Here are the detail on the new locale:

"The show is no longer at the Market Hotel, instead, it’s been moved to a loft space at 132 W. 3rd St. 2nd Fl. - corner of 6th Ave (RIGHT NEXT TO THE MICKEY D’S). Everything else still stays the same - doors at 8pm, $7 bucks."

I feel like I have been to that space before. Maybe for a Fixed party. Hmmmm...

So I expect to see all of your shining, happy faces at this tomorrow:

And then I also better see you all at Union Hall on Sat night for this incredible lineup and especially to welcome home mi amores The Lisps. Can't find a flyer for that one yet. I'm sure one will turn up in the next few days.

Fuckin A. Opening Day(Night) is here. Rod already got a big RBI. Wang looks shakey, but it's early. Was weird seeing Torre in a Dodgers uniform yesterday, but not so weird seeing Girardi announced as manager today. I keep waiting for stupid YES to show some good camera shots of the new stadium, but they are showing people getting on and off the sub and the courthouse instead. Gah.

The show last night @ Pianos was definitely as good as BV has been hyping it today. And Bryan's pics do rock. Bell broke my heart with that videotape/eraser cover. Have to catch her again very soon. The new Takka Takka were excellent. Big things in store for those guys. First time seeing John Vanderslice and St. Vincent (sort of, does last night count?). I pretty much was made a fan after the very first song.

Update - Wow. Melky is putting on a show out in center.

Some recent quality Mypace discoveries:

The Silver State
Hearts & Numbers
Klak Tik (reminds me of The Antlers)

I received a very nice little surprise yesterday. The new Annuals/Sunfold split EP. Annuals are sounding Cloud Cultier than ever (I mean that in a good way, not in a ripoff way). I haven't been paying enough attention to other blogs recently, so not sure how common knowledge this is, but if you don't know about Sunfold, they are just Annuals alter ego. All the same members, different lead singer and much different sound. I can't decide which I like more. Have they ever played out as Sunfold? In NYC? I hope they do, and soon.

And finally.... I can't even begin to explain how obsessed I am with the new The Secret Life of Sofia songs that have been slowly trickling onto their Myspace. I CAN NOT wait to get my hands on the new album.

Rehab. Tomorrow. Seriously. Be there.


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