Wednesday, April 02, 2008

What's this?

Posts two days in a row? Madness...

This one is a quickie. Can't think of a better way to describe them. Maybe discorific?... new songs just posted over at Architecture in Helsinki's Myspace. Definitely jump started my hump day. Like It or Not is way, way too tasty. When are these guys coming back to NY?

Vote for Mussels or The Antlers for band of the month over at Deli Mag. Sophie's choice.

And you've all listened to Mussels WOXY lounge act already, right? Of course you have. But I'm going to post the mp3 anyway.

Performed March 20, 2008

Almost a full year after they self released their debut album "Little Voices", we caught up with this Brooklyn band on their way home from SXSW.

While they don't have any finalized plans to start recording a new album just yet, they did squeeze one brand new tune into their Lounge Act session.

Track Listing:
Little Voices
It's Coming Down
When Did You Start Killing Me (new/unreleased)
- interview -
Cannon On A Clothesline
Thank You, Goodnight

Download MP3 (25:37)

Still waiting for that Finest Dearest lounge act AND BROOKLYN SHOW. Cursive lounge act should be a good one too. Schedule:

4/3 Throw Me The Statue 11:00am
4/4 Glenn Kotche 12:00pm
4/4 These United States 2:00pm
4/8 The Photographic 4:00pm
4/9 Cursive 1:00pm
4/28 Finest Dearest 1:00pm
4/29 Velella Velella 3:30pm
4/30 The Little Ones 4:00pm
5/2 Peter Adams 4:00pm
5/22 DeVotchKa 2:00pm


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