Monday, September 24, 2007

News From The Antlers / A Brief Smile


So here's what's happening. I self-released In The Attic Of The Universe for free last March. Since then, via webstats and those lovely torrenting and file hosting folks, it's come to my attention that over 10,000 people have downloaded the album! Not kidding!

Now the good folk at Fall Records will be re-releasing the album on November 6th, and it will come in new packaging (re-designed by Miss Zan Goodman) and re-mastered (by Mr. Shelly Blake-Plock).

The ever-growing band and I will be playing a show to celebrate this re-release, at Piano's on Saturday, November 3rd. Playing on this bill with us will be Bubble/Gum and A Brief Smile.

In further news, I've begun work on the new album, entitled "Hospice". While I'm still playing control-freak on this one, I'll, for the first time, have other people playing on the record. Lots of other people. I'm still working in my amorphous home studio, but will be transporting it all over the place. I can't really say when it will be done, but hopefully before the new year. Here's a picture:

- Peter

I'm not surprised by the 10,000 downloads thing. My post about his/their album is still getting several hits on a daily basis. If you haven't heard In The Attic Of The Universe yet, well, what are you waiting for????

I highly recommend being at Pianos on Sat Nov 3, and not just for The Antlers. Go for A Brief Smile too. ABS have just recently sent over their new album and I like it a lot. Go stream Now We All Have Horns. I bet you will like it too. And check out what The Sluts and Underrated Rachael have to say about it. ABS are having a record release party @ Midway on Thurs Oct 4.


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